Remarkables is an organisation aiming to create a platform to promote and improve women's football in South Africa


By integrating video and data into nearly all of our offerings we want to promote women's football, engage players and evolve the game. Remarkables aims to be the home base for all female footballers in South Africa, whether they are beginners or aspiring professionals.


Our offerings below give further insight into player performances and provide a unique service to female footballers throughout S.A!

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The Remarkables Performance Lab is an individually tailored training program encorporating constant video feedback and reporting. Combining technical and physical training, video feedback and our player reports, this unique program sets the standard

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player reports

In order for players to improve, feedback is vital. We provide individually tailored video and data packages for players, parents and coaches. A great way to review a player's performance on a monthly basis and perfect to send to prospective clubs


We host regular 5-a-side tournaments for clubs and schools throughout the year. All matches are recorded and each team receives the match videos, plus their teams stats from the tournament! Great for internal team-building too!


Following the success of our tournaments, we are now offering structured 5-a-side leagues for senior players and schools, run and managed by Remarkables Football Community. With the inclusion of video and data, our leagues rival the pro's



Off the back of the 2010 world cup, a group of twenty five year old female students from the Architecture masters class at the University of Cape Town decided they were bored of watching their male classmates play 5-a-side every week, and wanted to play themselves.

None of them had played football previously because they went to traditional South African schools where football was not a school sport (even for the boys) so they asked one of their classmates, Mark to coach them – hence the name, Remarkables.

Over the years, this has grown into what it is today; a football community for women across the country!

Click the image to start designing your kit!

Click the image to start designing your kit!