January 2018


  • Games will consist of two halves of 19 minutes each (2 minute half time break)

  • The match will start on time regardless of whether both teams are ready. Please ensure your players are ready 5 minutes before stated kick-off time.

  • A maximum of 5 players on the pitch at any given time (1 Goal-keeper, 4 outfield)


  • The goalkeeper can leave the area at any time and involve themselves in outfield play

  • When distributing the ball, from open play or a start of play, it must be done with the hands

  • The goalkeeper cannot pick up a pass made by their own player (back pass). This will result in an indirect free kick for the opposition 2m outside of the area

  • "Goal-kicks" are distributed by hand and cannot be thrown over the half-way line. A free kick will be awarded to the opposition team from the half-way mark.


  • Rolling subs are permitted at any time (even during open play). The referee must be notified and acknowledge the substitution when it takes place.

  • The referee must be notified before any change of goalkeeper takes place. Goalkeepers may only be substituted once during the game, except in the case where a goalkeeper incurs an injury and does not return to the game.

  • If a team is short of players, and wishes to rotate the goalkeeper regularly during the game, this is permitted provided the opposition agree.

Ball out of play

  • Despite there being boards around the pitch, we will NOT be playing with rebounds. Once the ball crosses the lines either on the side of the pitch, or next to the goals, it's considered as being out of play.

  • In the event that the ball leaves the perimeter play shall be restarted with a THROW-IN awarded to the appropriate team. This throw-in is indirect (cannot throw into the goal) and opponents must be at least 2m from the ball.

  • Teams can throw directly to the Goal Keeper's hands from a throw-in

Starts of play

  • Kick-offs can be played in any direction (backwards or forwards)

  • Players can shoot directly from kick-off

  • Goal-kicks are distributed by hand and cannot be thrown over the half-way line

  • Throw-ins must be taking with both feet on or behind the line. If a throw-in is taken incorrectly, the referee can allow it to be retaken, or change over possession.

  • Corners will also be distributed by hand


  • For the safety of all players, slide tackles are not allowed.

  • 2v1 tackling is permitted

  • Tackling from behind is permitted, however, fouls will be called at the referee’s discretion. Winning the ball from behind is fine, but any unnecessary/forceful contact with the player will result in a foul being awarded.


  • Cumulative fouls are active. I.e If a team commits 5 direct fouls anywhere on the pitch, the opposition is awarded a free-kick from 10m mark. Opponent cannot make a wall in this case. Fouls revert to 0 for each team at the start of halves.

  • Handballs and bad tackles are direct free-kicks (can shoot directly)

  • Picking up a back pass is indirect free-kicks (cannot shoot directly)

Free Kicks

  • Players must retreat at least 2m away from where the ball is kicked, for any free-kick.

  • If a free-kick is awarded within 2m of the edge of the area, it should be moved back so that it is 2m from the edge of the area, allowing a defensive wall to form in front.

  • Failure to retreat the required distance, or in the event of dissent, the kick may be moved forward by two yards.

  • All free kicks are direct, except where specified above (back pass)

  • Defending team is permitted to make a “wall” in-front of any direct or indirect free-kick

Fair Play

  • Violent and aggressive play; unsporting behaviour will not be tolerated. Players exhibiting such behaviour will be penalized by the referee.

  • Foul and abusive language directed towards players, supporters and especially referees will result in the player being suspended for two matches.

  • The referee may punish infringements with a yellow or red card. A yellow card will result in the player being sin-binned for TWO minutes, in which time they may not be replaced by another player. The sin-binned player may only re-enter the field of play when the referee indicates they may do so.

  • Where a player is given a red card, they must leave the field immediately and may play no further part in the game. They may be replaced by another player after two minutes.


  • The goalkeeper must be standing on the line when a penalty is taken (don't worry, we don’t have VAR)

  • The penalty taker is allowed one step before striking the ball.

  • Where either side has breached these rules to their advantage, the penalty will be re-taken.

Cancelations, Postponements and Delays

Cancelations and Postponements:

  • Due to the limited gameweeks we will not be allowing teams to postpone or reschedule matches.

  • We provide the full fixture list for all gameweek’s before the season kicks off so teams are able to prepare in advance.

  • Teams that fail to fulfil their fixtures will be forced to forfeit the match and the opposition will be awarded a 5-0.


  • All matches will begin at the stated time. We request that all teams are at the venue at least 10 minutes before kick-off to ensure that games are started at the correct time.

  • Referees will start the matches regardless of whether the teams are ready or not.

  • Please respect your team mates and opposition by being ready for your matches each gameweek.


The below rules are in place as a guideline. Each situation is subject to review by the league manager.

  • Teams can register a max of 10 players at the start of the season.

  • Teams are allowed to add players to their squad at any time, provided the overall squad size remains at 10.

  • RINGERS (a non-registered player brought into help a team) can be used provided they meet the following:

    • The player has not played for another team during the current season - unless otherwise agreed

  • As goalkeepers are a rare commodity, we will allow all teams to share goalkeepers throughout the season. Both match captains must agree.

  • A Ringer can register for the team they are helping at any time during the season, provided the squad size remains at 10

  • Registered players can switch from one team to another provided both Captains agree

  • Teams will not be allowed to bring in any new players during play-offs (if there are play-offs) - unless otherwise agreed

  • Should you have injuries to your squad and need to bring in new players for the play-offs, captains from both teams must agree that it's fine before the game takes place

Squad size must remain at 10 players throughout the season.