*Last updated 20 July 2018

  • Games will consist of one half of 12 minutes
  • Fixtures will be provided pre-tournament and visiable on site, so please ensure your players are ready at the correct pitch before stated kick-off time.
  • A maximum of 5 players on the pitch at any given time from a squad of 8.
  • There must be 2 female players on the pitch at all times. A male player must be keeper, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Goals scored by female players during games will be doubled


  • The goalkeeper can leave the area at any time and involve themselves in outfield play
  • When distributing the ball, from open play or a start of play, it must be done with the hands
  • The goalkeeper cannot pick up a pass made by their own player (back pass). This will result in an indirect free kick for the opposition 2m outside of the area.


  • Rolling subs are permitted at any time (even during open play). The referee must be notified and acknowledge the substitution when it takes place.
  • The referee must be notified before any change of goalkeeper takes place.

Ball out of play

  • In the event that the ball leaves the perimeter play shall be restarted with a THROW-IN awarded to the appropriate team. This throw-in is indirect (cannot throw into the goal) and opponents must be at least 2m from the ball.
  • A goalkeeper can pick up/catch the ball if the throw-in is directed to them

Starts of play

  • Kick-offs can be played in any direction (backwards or forwards)
  • Players can shoot directly from kick-off
  • Goal-kicks are distributed by hand


  • For the safety of all players, slide tackles are not allowed.
  • Mixed tournaments are all about fun and participation so please bear that in mind!


  • Handballs and bad tackles are direct free-kicks (can shoot directly)
  • Picking up a back pass is indirect free-kicks (cannot shoot directly - must pass to team-mate)

Free Kicks

  • Players must retreat at least 2m away from where the ball is kicked, for any free-kick.
  • Defending team is permitted to make a “wall” in-front of any direct or indirect free-kick

Fair Play

  • Violent and aggressive play; unsporting behaviour; and foul and abusive language will not be tolerated. Players exhibiting such behaviour will be penalized by the referee.
  • The referee may punish infringements with a yellow or red card. A yellow card will result in the player being sin-binned for TWO minutes, in which time they may not be replaced by another player. The sin-binned player may only re-enter the field of play when the referee indicates they may do so.
  • Where a player is given a red card, they must leave the field immediately and may play no further part in the game. They may be replaced by another player after two minutes.


  • The goalkeeper must be standing on the line when a penalty is taken.
  • The penalty taker is allowed one step before striking the ball.
  • Where either side has breached these rules to their advantage, the penalty will be re-taken.