The Remarkables Performance Lab is an individually tailored training program specifically designed and offered to female footballers from any club or soccer school


"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn"

Xun Kuang

Remarkables Performance Lab

The aim of the Remarkables Performance Lab (RPL) is to support and drive our ambition to improve the level of women’s football in South Africa, support player development and provide opportunities for overseas scholarships, exchange programs and club recruiting.

By linking video analysis with high performance technical and physical training, we’ve developed a program that tests, monitors and catalogues individual player performance in the same way professional clubs do around the world.

Our program is divided in two phases; Phase 1: January – June and Phase 2: July – November.

Players who sign up for Phase 1 will receive:

- 2 individually focused technical/physical sessions per week (each session 1 - 1.5 hours)

- 1 league club match filmed (including full player data and feedback clips eg:

- Regular reports on player’s progress, strengths and weaknesses

- Shareable online player profile with a video library

Workshops and Internships

Along with the technical, physical and analytical components, RPL will also offer workshops and football related internship opportunities (paid!) for any registered Performance Lab player in Phase 2. These workshops will focus on:

-          Video and performance analysis (Basic and advanced) – Internships available

-          Video and filming guidance – Internships available

-          Design

-          Sports photography – Internships available

-          Refereeing – Internships available

-          Women’s Rights

-          Career guidance

-          US/European scholarships

As women’s football continues to grow, we want to provide players with every possible opportunity to succeed on and off the pitch.

All Techincal and Physical coaching will be conducted by Mark Byrne (Hellenic FC)

All Video and Performance Analysis will be conducted by our professionally qualified Remarkables Analysts.

If you’d like to sign up, please complete this form or send any further questions to