Remarkables are currently self-funded and make use of the limited resources we have available to help make a difference for women's football.

We are still searching for an investor, sponsor, brand or company that shares the same passion we have for women's sports in South Africa and will help us achieve the collective goals of so many aspiring athletes around the country.

Our main aim is to promote women's football, engage the players and coaches and evolve the game through the use technology, data and interactive feedback.

We're proud to have achieved so much with what we have, and hope that with a partner, we will achieve even more!

There are so many talented ladies out there that don't get the opportunity to be discovered! With the help of a sponsor, we could give those ladies that chance.

We are looking for sponsorship in the following areas of our offerings:

- Remarkables Performance Lab: Sponsorship of registration fees for 5-10 gifted female footballers for the year long program

- Off-the-field training program: Helping girls upskill themselves in area's linked to football such as filming, video editing and graphic design. Preparing them for a life after football.

- Senior club League: Access to approximately 100 players from various areas and 11-a-side clubs. Weekly matches over a two our period, running for 42 weeks of the year

- Schools League: Weekly matches over a two our period

- On-going pop-up tournaments: Our tournament structure is unmatched and provides a great platform for a brand/company to showcase their services/products

- Individual Player Reports: Sponsorship offering for promising talent for the season. Full individual performance reports with video highlights and shareable online profile - perfect for player marketing and scouting.

If you would like to get involved with Remarkables and support our projects, please send us a message via the "Contact Us" tab above or via our social media platforms.