Remarkables FC host regular tournaments that cater for everyone from newcomers to regular seasoned veterans.

We aim to build and maintain the relationship between all coaches, schools, clubs and players that form part of the Remarkables Football Community. We use these events to bridge that gap and connect those who share the same passion about the women's game.

All matches are recorded and provided to the coaches after the tournament. Team stats such as shots, goals, tackles, key passes and assists are also collected for valuable coach/player feedback.

This is what sets ourselves apart; we want to provide those that participate valuable, interactive feedback that could help them improve as players and coaches.

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Our social mixed-tournaments aim to encourage ladies who have never played before to take to the pitch in a fun, no-pressure environment. These tournaments are always entertaining as team's are encouraged to dress to theme! Some of our themes have included; Christmas in July, Halloween Football, Proudly South African and Superheros

You'll find loads of pictures from our various mixed tournaments here

Our tournaments are THE most structured, organised and professionally run 5-a-side tournaments in the Western Cape